Monday, April 5, 2010

Utilizing Social Media: College Couture

My younger sister, Lydia, has recently started her own blog in March.

Titled "College Couture" it provides fun and fashion for college girls on a budget.

In an interview, Lydia states "I have always had a passion for fashion. I looked to fashion magazines and runway shows for advice on upcoming trends. However, I was really sick of going through magazines and finding none of their items really affordable. With the state of the economy and the recession, none of these items were really affordable for the average consumer. As a college student, I could not afford their items. How could I be trendy and chic without having to break the bank? I knew if I asked myself this question than others did too. And so my blog was born. Most of my items are under $30. I want to show other girls that you can still be trendy without having to pay high prices. I wanted consumers to know that they could still get a high fashion look without the high price. With my love for fashion and love for computers, I knew a blog was a good path to go on. I wanted everything to be online, so I could be environmentally friendly and not use paper. My future goal would be to eventually build my own website and I have already started on this project. I would also love to start a website for guys too."

I must say that I think my sister was very creative to come up with this idea for a blog. I didn't even communicate with her that I was in a social media class, so she came up with this idea on her own.

I think that people who have an idea for a business or a blog should definitely utilize social media to promote themselves, which my sister has brilliantly done. I wish her the best!


  1. Nadia, I wish your sister the best of luck with her enterprise. One of the great aspects about the Internet and about social media in particular is that an entrepreneur literally has somewhere between six and seven billion people walking past their storefront everyday. And each of those who becomes a satisfied customer has many platforms from which to share the news. Maybe she'll become rich and hire you (or me) to be her social media consultant!

  2. Nadia, are you familiar with the Visual Thesaurus? Today's article is about fashionspeak--writing about fashion. Thought your sister might enjoy it.

  3. Lydia has a pretty good sense of fashion. Her blog seems to be well thought out and I really appreciate the layout. Good job Lydia!

    I got excited when I saw one of my belts on her blog, I guess I have good taste after all.

  4. I think that this would be a really interesting book as well. Maybe she could include beauty tips for the recession? For example, she could ask people on the site how they make their make-up last or how they do their own manicures at home. I think that this could possibly be the next Julie & Julia. There seems to be a market for it and during a recession, women are still going to be interested in staying fashionable.

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